Original, acoustic folk, tinged with jazz
Appleby Kinsey produce a different kind of acoustic sound, a fusion of jazz and folk, with gorgeous harmonies, brilliant playing and wonderful original songs, covering a wide range of genres. Their sound is familiar enough to be instantly accessible, while being original and sophisticated, to grab and hold on to the audience's attention. The line-up is based around Ken Appleby's distinctive fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing, Emma Stone's vocals, saxophones and flute, Talitha Cole's lead vocals and Hannah West's double bass. The group has been active since 2013 and continues to produce great new songs and performances.
ken appleby
Ken Appleby
Ken began playing guitar in his early teens using an instrument his older brother brought back from a school trip to Spain. After years trying to play like John Renbourn and Bert Jansch, and on the advice of Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band who he met in a guitar shop in California, he switched to trying to play like himself and got better results. With many years of experience performing and arranging he now has very much his own style. He has co-written and arranged much of the group's music with Catherine Kinsey, the group's original singer, moving the songs into jazzier territory.
emma stone
Emma Stone
Emma is a naturally gifted musician, a virtuosic improviser on flute and saxophones, a talented and sensitive interpreter of songs and a superb vocalist. She is very much in demand with other bands and has hundreds of performances under her belt including the main stage at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Emma was educated at Dartington College from where she received a degree in Music Performance.
talitha cole
Talitha Cole
Tal studied music at Southampton University, specialising in classical voice, piano and saxophone performance. Her musical tastes are very wide-ranging, jazz, blues, gospel, country, folk, classical, pop, indie, soul, rock. She is a highly experienced vocalist, with many years singing in church and chamber choirs, quartets, octets, including a cappella groups, and in jazz and indie genres. She enjoys Appleby Kinsey's more folky style and her wonderful expressiveness perfectly matches the groups original songs. She also plays alto saxophone, combining beautifully with Emma's soprano sax and flute. Tal brings a great deal of musical inspiration and know-how to the group.
hannah west
Hannah West
An accomplished orchestral double bass player, Hannah also enjoys playing in a wide range of ensembles and styles. She has a particular fondness for musical theatre and has played in many shows across the Midlands on double bass and as a triple reed player. She is passionate about music education and is working on several local and national projects aimed at encouraging the next generation of musicians. Since moving to Herefordshire, Hannah has become increasingly interested in folk music. She has played with several local groups and loves jazz folk fusion of Appleby Kinsey.